reflexology massage
reflexology massage

Happy Feet – Happy Trails: Relaxing Hikers Delight – A Truly relaxing experience feet soaked in warm floral herbal saluation rose petals pedi bowls, gentle exfoliation organic lavender/mint scrub to remove dead skin, moisturized with natural shea butter warm, clay masque wrap & warm linens feet reflexology and cranial neck massage  60mins. $95 – $10= $85 

Mountain River-Rock Foot Facial  Hot Stone reflexology massage of feet & lower legs. A warm facial for your feet! This therapeutic pedicure combines the beneficial properties of seaweed essential oils which help reduce swelling and fluid retention. In addition to offering extreme hydration for your feet, seaweed, essential oils contain strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, warm stones massaged on the lower legs-feet enhancing circulation, reducing stress & tension.  60m $95 

 Luxurious Sweeett Feet Re-Treat: Mineral Soak, chocolate scrub hydrating and softening skin treatment. chocolate mineral foot wrap warm linens, Reflexology Foot massage with our chocolate shea butter crème. Sit back relax, sip herbal tea & organic choc. treats 60m $95

Spa Reflexology Hand Mani-ssages & Feet Pedi-ssages: Hands soak exfoliation scrubs to remove dead skin moisturized  lavender coconut shea butter oils hand wrap helps cuticles improves elasticity softness hydrates skin, remove warm herbal linens. Soaks  Organic mineral bath with pure therapeutic grade 21 aromatic essential oils massaged into your hands, feet/legs while improving the circulation as the tiredness melts away wrapped soft booties 

Hands Mani-ssages: 20m. $25 followed by shoulder, neck, wrist & lower arms hands mani-ssages  Feet Pedi-ssages: 40m. $55  Foot Scrub/soak, Warm wrap linens, lower legs & feet reflexology massages

“Please Note BY STATE LAW” Not All Hand & Foot Treatments -Do Not Include Nail Grooming Keep Sake home polish Additional: 10m. Clip buff shape polish removal color change  $5